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Corporate Services

Global competition and rapid change define the business environment. Business performance depends increasingly on the ability to learn, to be resilient and to adapt and innovate. These are the competencies of the new business environment. This requires leaders who can be architects of change and who can mobilise, organize and guide people through successive challenges.

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We can help you manage:
Adjustment & Life Transitions
Eating disorders
Anxiety and stress management
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Workers Compensation: Emergency Services
Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME)
Pain management & Regional Pain Syndromes
Couples Counselling
The Process

The process of psychotherapy involves a blend of art and science.  Without science it’s just a conversation. Without art, it’s just knowledge.  Whilst drawing from a scientific evidence base, the practice of psychology, nonetheless, requires the ability to work with the ambiguity that is inherent in human relationships.

The Obstacles

Obstacles can be temporary, as difficult life events challenge our coping resources.  Or they can be more long standing, impacting many areas of life – including happiness, mental health, relationships, achievement of goals and maintaining one’s sense of purpose and meaning. Overcoming obstacles can be a journey of transformation.

The Journey

The journey starts with insight.  Insight is what you experience when you gain clarity about what needs to change.  Next comes action where you learn and put into practice the skills and strategies that will make a difference.

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What to expect:

On your first visit our goal is to understand your circumstances and reasons for seeking assistance and to work with you to develop a plan for positive change that addresses the issues that are troubling you.

Number of sessions:

The number of sessions is determined by your needs and goals. Our aim is for you to achieve your goals effectively and be able to transfer the benefits into other areas of your life.   We will review progress with you to ensure that your aims are being met and that you are finding benefit.

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