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Executive Coaching

Global competition and rapid change define the business environment. Business performance depends increasingly on the ability to learn, to be resilient and to adapt and innovate. These are the competencies of the new business environment. This requires leaders who can be architects of change and who can mobilise, organize and guide people through successive challenges.

We can help you with:
Identifying and harnessing strengths and passions
Personal effectiveness and performance improvement
Emotional intelligence coaching
Personal development planning
Setting Direction
Managing Change
Capability building
Maintaining mental fitness

Since change starts from within, leadership starts with self awareness.  The capacity to  reflect and gain a sense of how you respond to situations and come across to others, is fundamental to your leadership journey.


Leadership assessment can form a useful part of this process. Mindinsight uses assessment tools that are backed by an evidence base of proven validity and reliability. To read more about these see Assessment Tools - Knowing What to Look For  


The Process

Whilst there are general principles about what makes a good leader, leadership is a process that requires sufficient flexibility to respond to the dynamics of the external and internal business environment.   The process of executive coaching needs to provide the same flexibility by integrating the leadership context and associated demands, with the leader as a person - values, knowledge, experience, skills and goals.

The Space

At its best, leadership capability is an intangible asset that can provide a cultural engine for generating business outcomes. One of the levers is being able to discern what needs to change, so that action occurs where it is needed. A fundamental skill is the capacity to critically reflect on both the tangible and intangible factors that shape the social and operating system under the purview of the leader. Reflection is not a fast, automatic process. It requires deliberate, focused, reflective thinking. To read more about this see Reflective Thinking for Leaders

What to expect:

An initial phone conversation to understand the kind of assistance you are seeking, followed by a one-on-one session, in person or via video, to identify specific goals, options for scope of work and whether we are a good fit. 

Planning your scope:

The number of sessions is determined by your goals and the agreed scope of work.  We will review progress with you to ensure that your aims are being met and you are finding value.

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