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Psychology Services

for personal growth

Opportunities for growth are often disguised as problems. We help you turn problems into solutions. We help people to change their lives by enabling them to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of where they want to be in life.

Psychological Counselling

The process of psychotherapy involves a blend of art and science.  Without science it’s just a conversation. Without art, it’s just knowledge.  Whilst drawing from a scientific evidence base, the practice of psychology, nonetheless, requires the ability to work with the ambiguity that is inherent in human relationships.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides a personal, unique learning experience that recognises the important relationship between the contextual factors of culture and associated workplace dynamics and you as a person – your experience, skills, personality, values and goals.

Clinical Supervision

The goal of clinical supervision is to provide a collaborative learning space, wherein you can critically reflect on your knowledge and experience as it plays out in the context of the therapeutic relationship that you are developing with each client.   This honing of skills can improve your technical knowledge, counselling skills and relational effectiveness, as well as optimising your own wellbeing in your professional role.

Corporate Services Available

Mindinsight offers corporate psychology services, including EAP, Executive Resilience and Executive Coaching. By providing comprehensive assessments and offering tailored guidance and insight, Mindinsight helps organizations achieve their goals in the areas of wellbeing and culture.

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